The Empowered Human



Let's move beyond our limitations


fulfill our soul's purpose!


We have been walking this Earth for a long time.

It is now time for the inner journey.

Down into the Heart.

Let's become who we are at our core!

We are nothing else than Love.

Universal, Unconditional Love.

Let's walk this path of radical Love, Self-Love into our Heart!

Let's be courageous and let's dare to face the challenges of this path!

We are going to face the dark and wounded aspects of ourselves we rejected.

They are nothing else than the denied and wounded children of the adults we became.

It is time now to welcome them back home.

It is time now to open our heart widely to the many aspects that are living aside, hidden from the light and the love.

It is now a time for diving deep into our heart.

It is now a time for a profound healing.

Let's be brave and courageous!

Let's walk this path of Self-Love!

This the path for the New Humanity we all are holding deep within our Hearts!

Let's become the Love that we are!

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